Fellowship Baptist Church

(About Us)

What We Believe: The Doctrinal Basis of Our Church

- The verbal & plenary inspiration of the Scriptures

- Only one true God

- The Trinity of the Godhead

- The Holy Spirit & His ministry

- The personality of Satan

- The Genesis account of creation

- Original sin and the fall of man

- The virgin-birth of Christ

- The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ

- Salvation by faith through the shed blood of Christ

- Justification by faith

- Sanctification of the believer

- The eternal security of the believer

- The local church

- The ordinances of the local church:  Baptism by immersion & the Lord's supper

- Biblical separation - ecclesiastical & personal

- Obedience to civil government

- The place of Israel

- The pre-tribulation rapture of the church

- The pre-millennial return of Christ

- The millennial reign of Christ

- Eternal glory in Heaven for the righteous

- Eternal torment in Hell for the wicked

- The King James Version is our biblical text