Fellowship Baptist Church

(About Us)

In the early 1960's Mr. Russell Phelps, of Phelps Corp. asked God for a fundamental Bible believing church for Watertown.  In August of 1966 his prayer began to be answered when pastor James Switzer and his family moved to Watertown.  Initially, Bible classes were held in the Switzer home on Thursday evening.  In September of 1967 an ice cream shoppe on Arsenal Street was rented where a small group (less than 20 people) started meeting there.  A week prior to the first Sunday service in the storefront, seventeen Pastors came to Watertown and passed out 9,239 flyers door-to-door.  Fellowship Baptist Church was officially founded in 1968 under Pastor Switzer's leadership.  

Also in 1968, a 3 acre lot was purchased to the west of Watertown on NYS Route 3 (also known as Arsenal St. Road).  (This location is the current location of the Salvation Army Family Thrift Store.)  The church grew at this location and had a Christian school from the early 1970's through the early 1990's. From 1968 until 1996 the church had 6 different Senior Pastors.  In 1996, Pastor Reff was installed as our Pastor.  As the church grew and aged it became apparent that larger facilities and handicapped accessibility would enhance the church's ministry.

In 2003, we learned that the Free Methodist Church, which was a mile west of us, was disbanding and were looking to sell their property.  They had a bigger building that was all one level, a parsonage on site and a six acre lot.  In 2004, the church voted to buy this property and to sell the original property and the parsonage we currently owned.   Within a few years and God's provision, we were able to build an addition to this building.

1968-Fellowship Baptist Church (FBC) officially founded.

         Pastor James Switzer called as the first Pastor.  

         Constitution written and approved by membership.

         Church building construction started.

1971-Pastor George Chadwick called as the second Pastor of FBC

1974-Watertown Christian Academy (WCA) began it's school ministry.  Ed Karakain was the first principal of WCA 

1975-Pastor Robert Parker was called as the third Pastor of FBC

1978-Pastor Wayne Morris was called as the fourth Pastor of FBC

1987-Pastor Harold Crego became the second principal of WCA

1989-Pastor Joseph Simpson called as the fifth Pastor of FBC

1989-David Burrows became the third principal of WCA

1990-Darren Waterbury became the fourth principal of WCA

1992-Pastor Richard Dietrich was called as the sixth Pastor of FBC

1996-Pastor Reff was called to be the seventh Pastor of FBC and served for 23 years before going home to be with the Lord.

2004-Purchase and move to the current property

2020-Pastor Lee Pickett was called to be the eighth Pastor of FBC